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3M Yellow Super Weatherstrip & Gasket Adhesive

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A strong, flexible, rubbery adhesive that can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations.

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3M YELLOW SUPER WEATHERSTRIP AND GASKET ADHESIVE – 3M™ Yellow Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive securely bonds rubber gaskets and weatherstripping to metal surfaces. This flexible, high-strength adhesive helps ensure a tight waterproof seal on car doors, trunks, sun roofs and more. It cures fast and works right out of the tube, holding rubber weatherstripping in place and resisting heat, vibration, oils and detergents. Adhesive is yellow in color. Sold by the 5 oz. tube.

3M Super Weatherstrip & Gasket Adhesive – TDS
3M Super Weatherstrip & Gasket Adhesive – SDS

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Weight 0.3000 lbs
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