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Protect X Surface Protection Sheets

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This product is a polypropylene fluted sheet. However, to keep matters simple – we call it “X”.  The sheets come in multiple dimensions and pack sizes.  They provide protection during a repair or construction period in any industry.  The sheets protect the surface from possible damage caused by mishaps or accidents. eg. dropped tools, dirty shoes, or spilled paint.  When laid onto the surface, it provides a place to put tools and supplies without affecting any sensitive surrounding areas.  The 4 pack and 10 pack sizes have an optional use adhesive backing to be installed flat or vertical.

Available sizes – 3’x3’x4mm (4pck) w/ adhesive backing, 4’x6’x4mm (10pck) w/ adhesive backing, 4’x8’x10mm (single) or 4″x4″x15mm (single).

If ordering any size other than the 3’x3’x4mm please call for a shipping quote, the pricing at checkout will not be accurate*

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3'x3'x4mm (4pck), 4'x6'x4mm (10pck), 4'x8'x10mm (single), 4'x4'x15mm (single)

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