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Sikaflex 252 Elastic Adhesive

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Sikaflex 252 is a high-strength elastic adhesive, one-component, moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive with extremely high thixotropy and high strength.


SIKAFLEX 252 ONE COMPONENT ELASTIC ADHESIVE – High Strength Elastic adhesive, one component, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive with extremely high thixotropy and high strength. Applications: Particularly suited for bonding of metal or wood, trim, molding, styling elements, structural bonding of large parts including sheet metal and composites. including large panels. Bonding of FRP roofs, sandwich panels and walls. Used extensively on trucks, trailers and equipment. Sealing applications especially for large joints. Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners. Substrates: Wide range of substrates including wood, primed metal, glass, composites. Advantages: Bonds and seals, short tack-free and curing time, initial load bearing capacity, sandable and over paintable for most coatings once fully cured, shock and impact resistant, offers vibration and sound damping properties, increases torsional stiffness of final assembly. Product is sold by the 10 oz. tube.

CURE TIME: Tack free time 30-45 minutes. Full cure speed depends on humidity and thickness of application.

NOTE: USDA approved for incidental food contact.

Sikaflex 252 Structural Adhesive – PDS
Sikaflex 252 Structural Adhesive – SDS

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White PN# 90915, Black PN# 90916


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