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Sikaflex 296 Marine Window Adhesive

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Sikaflex®-296 is a one part moisture cured polyurethane adhesive specifically formulated for frameless bonding of large glass marine windows.

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SIKAFLEX 296 MARINE WINDOW ADHESIVE – Sikaflex®-296 is an elastic one-part polyurethane adhesive that exhibits high strength and outstanding working characteristics. Sikaflex®-296 has been specifically designed for bonding windows to marine vessel body shells (direct glazing). Sikaflex®-296 has high initial strength with excellent working characteristics.  It’s resistant to aging, weathering and sunlight. It can be painted over and is thermally and electrically non-conductive. Color is Black. Product is sold by the 20 oz. sausage tube. Must use Sika Activator PN# 91283 (sold separately).

CURE TIME: Tack-free in 45 minutes @ 73°F. Full cure speed depends on humidity and thickness of application.

Sikaflex 296 Window Adhesive – PDS
Sikaflex 296 Window Adhesive – SDS

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