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Merritt Supply is a five-generation family-owned business based in Pompano Beach, Florida. What began as a charter fishing operation soon evolved into Merritt Boat and Engine, a facility dedicated to servicing our vessels. This venture led to the birth of our signature 37-foot Merritt sportfishing yacht, setting the bar in the industry.

Since then, our offerings have grown to encompass models up to 88 feet.

Responding to local demand for the materials we used in our yacht production, we established Merritt Marine Supply over 40 years ago.

Initially catering to boatyard and boatbuilding supplies, our product lines expanded as other industries sought our high-quality materials. Rebranded as Merritt Supply, we now cater to marine, aviation, commercial, and industrial clients. Our steadfast belief in providing exceptional customer service throughout the buying experience has driven our rapid growth.

We look forward to welcoming new customers and are grateful to our existing clientele for their unwavering support.