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Duratec EZ Sand Gray Primer

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An easy sand polyester primer

SKU: 707-061-01


DURATEC EZ SAND PRIMER – Duratec EZ Sanding Primer is formulated to sand easier than Duratec Sanding Primer and Duratec Surfacing Primer. Other benefits include high-build and low-porosity. EZ Sand primer adheres to fiberglass, properly prepared metal, wood, MDF, brick, concrete and polyurethane foam. Duratec EZ Sanding Primer can be polished to a gloss for pattern/model surfacing or can be topcoated with Duratec Clear or Pigmented Hi-Gloss Coatings. Product is catalyzed with MEKP (sold separately). Product is sold by the gallon.

Gel Time: Sample based on a 100 g mass catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP – 22 min +/- 2 min.

Coverage per Gallon: 10 mil thickness – 110-115 ft. sq. ; 250 micron thickness – 10.2-10.7 m. sq.

SHIPPING NOTE: Product is considered hazardous if shipping by air.  If you choose to ship this product by Air, we will contact you prior to shipping the order to notify you of the actual shipping cost.  Any questions, please give us a call.  Thank you for understanding.

Duratec 707-061 EZ Sand Primer – TDS
Duratec 707-061 EZ Sand Primer – SDS

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